Where Sci-Fi and Fantasy Collide

Where Sci-Fi and Fantasy Collide

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Outlining A Novel III

Freelance Copywriter Website Note from Steam Powered Dreams: If you haven't been keeping up, copywriter, editor, and fiction writer Jeremy Menefee has been kind enough to share some of his information with us!  First up is his series on Outlining, so if you haven't...
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Outlining A Novel II

This article series was originally posted on Jeremy Menefee’s Freelance Writer & Editor blog. The first post was an overview of outlining, while this one starts to go in depth into the process itself.   I thought I’d explain a bit about the steps I covered so...
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Outlining a Novel I

Freelance Editor and Writer Jeremy Menefee shares his knowledge on the outlining process. This first article serves as a quick overview.

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