Where Sci-Fi and Fantasy Collide

Where Sci-Fi and Fantasy Collide

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We are officially open to start publishing Sci-fi/Fantasy (35k words+) authors!

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We can do just about anything a writer might need done! This includes editing, designing, publishing, even a website!

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Talus Lost

Abandoned by his parents and forced into a life of begging and stealing, Sargon has to do what it takes to survive. When Talus, his best friend who happens to be a living machine only about six inches tall, is stolen, he will do anything to get him back.

Recent Posts

Let’s Talk About Different Types Of Publishers

As authors, we have the unique opportunity to take our times to decide which path to publication is right for us, as we have more than one choice. This article will take a look at a few different types of publishers and why you might choose one over another.

Should You Seek A Traditional Publisher?

You’ve finally put the finishing touches on your manuscript and are now looking for what to do with it. You see tons of information about self-publishing and traditional publishing, but not a simple article comparing the two. Well, search no longer! This article is just that.

Introduction of the Final Draft Series [Final Draft Part 0]

You have your manuscript in your hands, ready to go. You’ve gone through the self edits, beta readers, developmental and/or copyedits, and now you’re ready to shop your masterpiece around, but what path is right for you?

Let’s Talk About The Editing Process

I’ve got a bit of a short one for you this week, but it stems from a very important question regarding editing that I hear quite often, how long should you wait between edits. I also talk about how many rounds of edits I recommend and give an overview of my recommended path to go from the first draft to final draft.

Blogging Is Dead, Long Live Social Media: Blogging in 2017 [Ep. 008]

It seems like a month doesn’t go by without someone mentioning the death of blogging, that social media has taken over and there’s no reason to have a blog, but I don’t think that’s quite true. In this episode, we take a look at the difference between blogging and social media, why both of them are important, and how to get started as a blogger in 2017.

Procrastination and Self Doubt (Procrastination Part 1)[Ep. 007]

We are all plagued by procrastination at some point in our lives, some worse than others, but what’s important is how well we deal with it when it comes up.

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