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Hello and welcome to Steam Powered Dreams!  We’re a publishing imprint created out of the minds of Andrew Couch and Jeremy Collier.  Our goal is to provide the best services we can, both free and premium, to writers just like us.  When it comes down to it, we are creating a company of writers for writers.


What Is a “Steam Powered Dream”?

So what does Steam Powered Dreams mean?  Well, it started out as a place for Jeremy and Andrew to post their own work revolving around the Fantasy/Sci-fi sub-genre Steampunk, but it has evolved to a place where Fantasy and Sci-fi collide and anything (or everything) in between can be found.  Much the way our dreams and imagination works when we create amazing stories, a steam powered engine can be used to power pretty much anything; cars, boats, airships, and much more.

Jeremy and Andrew have a mix of worlds they work in.  For example, the world of Sinesol is more Sci-fi while Crossing the Dropline is a bit more fantasy.  They both have technology that is powered by steam (or other steampunk themes), but you’ll see that they’re vastly different.  Throwing even another twist into the mix is Kahlima’s Secret, an upcoming fantasy series that is sprawled across multiple worlds, each with a different range of technology and magic.

Simply put, a Steam Powered Dream is whatever your imagination can come up with.


What You Will Get At Steam Powered Dreams

We offer a wide range of both free and premium content that you can take advantage of!  First and foremost, as I mentioned, we are a group of writers aimed at helping our fellow writers, that means on our blog you can find a ton of free articles written specifically at helping authors get from an idea to published.

We also offer services to writers, even if you don’t publish with us.  These services include a very wide variety, including editing, formatting, book cover help, conversion (into eBook or print ready files), fiction consultation, and much more!  Even if we don’t say we offer it, inquire with what you need and we can probably help, or at least tell you were to go.

Of course we also encourage all authors to inquire about publishing through us! We are a “New Age” publisher and believe that the author should keep the majority of their own money, not the other way around.  We are the only publisher to offer a sliding pay rate scale that allows you to have a professionally published book while still keeping up to 95% of the profits!

We also have a lot of premium content coming, including a series of eBooks focused on post-first draft writing and publishing, webinars, and online courses for writers!  If you want to stay in the loop and know when we release these (as well as get some free exclusive content), don’t forget to join our mailing list!


Who Are Andrew and Jeremy?

We’re glad you asked! We are two writers who met on Twitter back in 2011/12 out of a mutual love of writing.  After many Tweets back and forth, we took our conversation to email, and eventually started Stream Powered Dreams as a place for just us.  Our collaboration mostly consists of helping each other out on our own personal projects, but we have a project code-named “Secret Project” (real original, huh?) that is in the early stages of development.  When I say early stages, I mean really early stages!  Work on this is slated to start later this year, and we are both very excited!


Interested In Working For Steam Powered Dreams?

While there are currently no paid positions available, we are always looking for interns to write for us!  We offer benefits in the form of offering free premium content, including access to webinars, eBooks, and online courses!  We also offer discounts for our writers on our services!  Besides all of this, it looks good on a resume!  So if you’re interested in writing for us, use the Contact Us page and include the subject “I want to write for Steam Powered Dreams!”

In the future we will be opening paid positions, not only for writers but for pretty much any skill that can be done over the internet.  These jobs will be offered to our interns first, but check back here often for new job openings!


Who Is Behind Steam Powered Dreams?

Jeremy Collier

Jeremy Collier

Founder and Company Lead

Jeremy was born in Hayward, California at the age of 0 and has been writing just as long. Okay, that’s not quite true, but he has been telling stories for as long as he could talk, and writing them as soon as he learned his A, B, C’s. He is the author and creator of both Sinesol and Kahlima series of stories.




Marie picked up a pen as a toddler and hasn’t stopped writing since. With a B.A. in English Literature and Language, Marie uses her experience to assist writers and readers wherever they are in their lives. Her favorite genre is fantasy fiction, which she both writes and reads. To see more of what she has written, go to www.marieelrich.com

Andrew Couch

Andrew Couch

Co-Founder and Author

Andrew is a North Carolina native living in Berlin, Germany. He’s been a fantasy book nut since childhood and hasn’t grown up much since. Anything fantastical will light his mind, though fantasy with machines is a favorite theme. Writing novellas and short stories helps him keep the plot bunnies at bay.




Andy Scott was created as a homunculus by a mad English Alchemist who was trying to make rum from ink and seawater. He is still a fan of both and he has no comment on what happened to all the ‘No Exit’ signs in Islington Underground Station when he visited for Beltaine.

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