The Authorpreneur Mindset is a podcast that takes a look at the business aspect of the publishing industry and picks it apart and delves into the writer’s life to see what it takes to become successful, both traditionally and as an indie.

The show is hosted by Steam Powered Dreams founder, Jeremy Collier, and often features indie authors, traditionally published authors, editors, designers, ghostwriters, and more.

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You can support the podcast in one of many ways. The best and easiest is to head over to our Patreon where, for as little as $1 a month, you can help contribute while gaining access to a lot of goodies.

The show is also supported by Literature and Latte through their affiliate program. If you’re looking to pick up the most amazing writing software available, purchase a copy of Scrivener here and support the show at the same time!

Full Episode List

Welcome To The Authorpreneur Mindset [Ep. 001]

As the title says, welcome to the Authorpreneur Mindset. This podcast is designed for writers in all aspects of their career with the intent to share my experience, as well as the experience with others. This first episode introduces what an Authorpreneur is and the mindset I am talking about. Future episodes, starting sometime before Episode 10, will include interviews with both known and unknown authors, editors, designers, and more.

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Meet The Host

Jeremy is the Founder and Lead Publisher of Steam Powered Dreams. He has worked for many years to create a place for writers in all parts of their career to find useful information and avoid being taken advantage of.

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