The Authorpreneur Mindset is a podcast that takes a look at the business aspect of the publishing industry and picks it apart and delves into the writer’s life to see what it takes to become successful, both traditionally and as an indie.

The show is hosted by Steam Powered Dreams founder, Jeremy Collier, and often features indie authors, traditionally published authors, editors, designers, ghostwriters, and more.

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Let’s Talk About The Editing Process

I’ve got a bit of a short one for you this week, but it stems from a very important question regarding editing that I hear quite often, how long should you wait between edits. I also talk about how many rounds of edits I recommend and give an overview of my recommended path to go from the first draft to final draft.

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Blogging Is Dead, Long Live Social Media: Blogging in 2017 [Ep. 008]

It seems like a month doesn’t go by without someone mentioning the death of blogging, that social media has taken over and there’s no reason to have a blog, but I don’t think that’s quite true. In this episode, we take a look at the difference between blogging and social media, why both of them are important, and how to get started as a blogger in 2017.

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Interview with Author and Editor Jeremy Menefee [Ep. 006]

This is it, this is the first interview episode here on the Authorpreneur Mindset Podcast and one that I couldn’t be happier to have done.Our guest today, Jeremy Menefee, has an amazing story. It’s one of overcoming difficulties in life and perseverance even in the face of devastation. It’s one that I think you will all enjoy.

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Rapid Fire Questions #1 [Ep. 005]

This is the first Rapid Fire episode, that’s where I take multiple questions that don’t take a full episode to answer and, well, answer them! This time around we talk about how to write an author bio, if KDP Select is worth it, to share or not to share first drafts, marketing, and the editing process!

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Evergreen Stories Vs. A Stale Market [Ep. 004]

Have you ever wondered if your story has any fans out there? Maybe you’re writing in a niche genre, or more often than not, you were told that “that topic is so old, no one reads it anymore.” Well, that’s not exactly true. Every niche, no matter how small, has an audience, and most stories are evergreen, they just come and go in cycles.

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What To Do After The First Draft Is Complete [ep. 003]

A topic that I get asked about all the time is what to do after you’re done with that first draft. Many new writers don’t realize how much work it takes to go from finishing that draft to published, and some don’t even realize they have anything to do. There was a day where a first draft might have gotten you a publishing deal if you were an amazing writer, but those days are long gone and have been replaced by either a lot of hard work and some money (indie publishing) or hard work and time (traditional publishing).

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Misconceptions and Scams In The Publishing Industry [Ep. 002]

This episode is all about the Misconceptions and Scams in the Publishing Industry, so it’s one you really don’t want to miss! We talk about vanity publishing (both the good and bad), the misconceptions about traditional publishing, the differences in money between traditional and indie and how you might be surprised at the changing times, and a lot more!

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Welcome To The Authorpreneur Mindset [Ep. 001]

As the title says, welcome to the Authorpreneur Mindset. This podcast is designed for writers in all aspects of their career with the intent to share my experience, as well as the experience with others. This first episode introduces what an Authorpreneur is and the mindset I am talking about. Future episodes, starting sometime before Episode 10, will include interviews with both known and unknown authors, editors, designers, and more.

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Jeremy is the Founder and Lead Publisher of Steam Powered Dreams. He has worked for many years to create a place for writers in all parts of their career to find useful information and avoid being taken advantage of.

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