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The Real Cost of Editing

The cost of editing can vary between the type you’re looking for and the state of your manuscript. This article will talk about the average cost of editing, as well as some of the factors that can increase or decrease the amount you’ll be looking to dish out.

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Developmental or Copy Editing. Which one is right for you? [Updated 4/20/17]

For a lot of indie writers, simply finishing their book can seem to be such an insurmountable task, and then you have to think about editing. What type of editing is right for you? What are the different types? In this article we’re going to take a look at the three most common types of editing you’ll be looking for, Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, and Proofreading.

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Outlining A Novel IV

Thank you for coming back to another episode of Outlining by Jeremy Menefee. If you are behind or haven't started reading them yet, you can use the links below to read the older posts: Basics of Outlining 1-line Synopsis 4 Paragraph Summary This time Jeremy will...
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How To Find a Quality Editor

Whilst writing your book, an editor may seem like one of those ‘workhands’ a publisher will simply assign to you after they hand you your six-figure cheque and your shiny new ‘Author’ badge, however, the reality is decidedly less ‘red carpet’.

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Should You Self Edit? – Tips and Tricks to Efficiently Editing Your Own Work

Before you scour the internet looking for submission guidelines and how you can make your work ‘stand out from the crowd’, before you worry about choosing the right font that combines professionalism with personality, and before you start telling people you’re a novelist because, “y’know, the real definition of a novelist is that you’ve written a novel,” and you have, so there. Before doing any of that, remember that, without proper editing, they are all as useful as gilding a lily or a turd.

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